Many people ask about our limousine. What features does it have, what does it look like? First, all of the pictures on our site are of our own car, so that will give you a good idea where to start, but here are some extra points…


Our limousine is a white Lincoln, stretched by AHA (a limousine coach builder in Toronto). It is a current body style so it certainly does not look out of date or old. The body is in great shape and we are proud to present our car. This white car is perfect for doing weddings.

Our car was built as a wedding car and as such, it has rear doors that are 6″ larger than the standard car to facilitate easier entry and exit by passengers with dresses on.


Of course, this is where the fun begins. Let’s start at the front of the passenger compartment. At the front, there are 2 dividers that can separate the drivers compartment from the passengers. One is glass (see through) and one is solid. These can be controlled by either the driver or the passengers for privacy, communications and so on.

The seating in the car is a classic ā€œJā€ seat. . This means that it goes across the front and then wraps around down the side of the car. In the very back is a regular 3-passenger seat. The back seat also has a tether latch behind each (of 3) seats for hooking up a child safety seat. All the seats are leather.

The ceiling of the car has a large mirror with neon lights all around it. There are also neon lights around the J seat and along the bar area. These lights change colour and provide a nice soft glow to the car. There are also cabin lights along both sides of the car that can be turned up or dimmed by the passengers offering whatever effect you would like.

More fun, our limo is fully equipped with an entertainment center. There is a stereo in the back that allows passengers to play whatever they would like. It plays CD’s, radio and also has an input so that you can use your mp3 player in it. There is also a dvd player and 2 LCD screens. One along the side of the car is a 7ā€ screen and there is one on the rear ceiling that can drop down. This is a 14ā€ screen and can swivel so that you can view it either from the back seat or from the J seat depending on your purposes.

Standard equipment is passenger controlled heat or A/C and there is communications equipment if you need to talk with the driver.

We are very excited to have our car and we know that you will be excited to ride it.