North Bay Nugget Bridal Guide

North Bay Nugget Bridal Guide

If you get the North Bay Nugget, then you also got a bridal guide on Mar 20.  This is a great resource for planning your wedding in the North Bay area.  I read through it and there is a ton of good info in there and a lot of local vendors had ads in it.  I am sure you can find almost everything you need for your wedding right there.

And, yes, we were in it to, well, sort of.  We had the entire back cover of the guide!  I had to think about what to put in it and I decided that making a large ad was only going to add so much value so I actually wrote an article and put it on the back cover, along with a smaller ad.  If you didn’t get it for some reason or are from out of town, here is the article I wrote for the bridal guide.  What to look for in a wedding limousine. . .

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