Move your group in style

If you are taking a small group of people out of town for an event or to go to a destination, renting a limousine can be a very feasible option.  Because you are paying for the limo to go somewhere, the cost is not affected by the number of people traveling.  For example, taking only 6 people from North Bay to Pearson Airport can be about the same cost as taking a shuttle bus.  It gets even cheaper per person if you fill the car with 9 people.  Plus, you get all the added convenience of a limousine service.  You get the attention of a professional chauffeur, you get a car stocked with beverages, you can bring your own music or dvds for your entertainment while in the car.  You get all the comfort and luxury of a stretch limousine for a very reasonable price.  In fact, with all the amenities, it may even make sense for smaller groups who would like to have the convenience, privacy, comfort and elegance of a luxury limousine service. austin mahones phone number

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